Great knowledge of moulding tools for small plastic parts

Tingverken AB was founded in 1969 and became part of theĀ AMB Industri AB Group in January 2012.

Since the beginning, Tingverken has focused on the manufacture of precision moulding tools for the production of small, complex plastic parts with extremely close tolerances for medical devices, telecommunications and the precision mechanics industry.

Tingverken also manufactures mould tools for 2K injection moulding, potting tools, silicone mould tools, measuring fixtures, gauges, as well as peripherals and robotic adaptations for mould tools or assembly equipment.

Tingverken has its own original moulding system for producing test parts and the production of pre-series. We test run and verify the mould tools in our own injection moulding department, before adjusting the accurate tolerances and finally delivering a finished production concept to the customer.